Kirsten Lyon, ERYT and Reiki Master

"I had to go through the East to find my Way in the West."

Kirsten Lyon is a certified ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance, and a practicing Reiki Master.

Kirsten was first introduced to yoga and meditation as a child through her father, an Episcopal priest. He taught her that yoga and meditation are a way of self-exploration, and a way of calming and balancing for times of emotional upset. She has studied under various studios and teachers in the Chicago, Detroit, and Kalamazoo areas, and received her formal RYT certification in 2004 through Rising Sun Yoga in Detroit. Kirsten is also an ERYT, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, able to teach other yoga teachers. Kirsten completely immersed herself into the spiritual esoteric teachings of yoga and meditation, deepening her spirituality and finding new awakenings through yoga into greater self-awareness. She has developed teaching practices that encompass both Western and Eastern traditions, with specific emphasis on the breath, the intention, and the meditative movement and flow. Since 2007, Kirsten has been a practicing Reiki Master and has been doing hands-on healing energy work throughout her yoga teaching. Kirsten is also a musician and singer/songwriter, performing local and touring concerts, and she incorporates music and vibrational toning into her yoga practice.

Her classes are based on more of the ancient traditions of yoga, including yoga scriptural philosophy, chanting of mantras and sanskrit, meditation, breathing techniques (pranayama), as well as the physical postures.  The classes can be a transcendental as well as a healing experience.  Each class is unique to that specific day, and no two classes are the same.  Her classes are ultimately an artistic expression of the Divine source.

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