Heated Flow
This is an invigorating class based on Sun Salutations and flowing postures that are all linked together with the breath, and with meditation, chanting, vibrational sounds, Reiki/energy work, yogic philosophy and breathing techniques that are taught in a way that can be applied to everyday life.  Find your inner power!  It is like a yogic dance burning calories, teaching us to be present and positive, aiding in mental and physical healing, toning the body and creating more overall flexibility.  The class is done in a warm climate to detoxify the body and bring more clarity of the mind. Kirsten's classes are always sequenced differently, so you never get the same experience twice.  She creates a nurturing community amongst her students so that everyone feels welcome.

Reiki Restorative
This healing class is for transforming the whole person into a positive Being.  Learn to clear stressful thoughts, release tension, reduce pain and be happy and free- every class is a unique experience drawing on the ancient philosophical teachings of Yoga for positive results. There are no physical postures used in this class, only restorative relaxation along with many types of breathing, vibrational toning, visualization, and hands-on Reiki adjustments for transforming the body and finding peace of mind.  All you have to do is lay down and enjoy! Whether you are a student, parent, caregiver, or just a person in need of community and encouragement, come take part in this journey of self-inquiry!  Leave these sessions feeling grounded and confident, free from stress and burdens, with an open heart and mind towards renewal, connection and peace.  Become the new you! Beginners welcome. 

Take an hour to slow down your busy day with the calming, Awakening class. This class is designed for all levels to relax and sooth the mind, body, and soul. With little to no movement, you will exercise the body through breath, vocal vibrational patterns and meditation. This class moves past the physical and into the mental aspects of yoga. The Awakening class works to aid in the release of stress and anxiety through Reiki energy healing and meditation. Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique for stress reduction that also promotes healing. This class will allow you to grow patience through stillness; you’ll leave feeling more grounded, centered, and aligned than when you came in!

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